LE•O Scholar Updates

Mohammad Noubani

Mohammad is a 2015 LE•O Scholar

Mohammad Noubani  is shadowing a neurosurgeon. He transferred to the University of Rochester (New York) last fall from the American University of Beirut so he could study neurosciences. Mohammad is a star student with a 3.93 GPA and is doing very well. He writes, “My first semester at University of Rochester was very good. I got to meet lots of new people from different backgrounds and cultures, and this was essential in my fast adaptation to U of R’s student body and environment. For I have made lots of new friends, and eat different types of Americanized food. However, what I ultimately liked about the school here is how open the professors are. The professors are the best, they provide all sorts of help even personal ones, which in terms expands my family to embrace that of the U of R. Currently, I have many plans in mind that range from research, community service, neurosurgeon shadowing, and summer opportunities. Hence, coming here is one of the best decisions I have ever made to seek an at-point undergrad education.”

Wael Haidar

Wael is a 2015 LE•O Scholar

Wael Haidar  is doing well in his second year at Lehigh University (Pennsylvania). He was recently elected treasurer of Alpha Chi Sigma, the honorary co-ed chemistry professional fraternity. He writes, “Another semester has passed and it had its ups and downs. I feel more adjusted to the university life and was able to raise my grades even though I had some tough courses. I started my new on-campus job as an undergraduate research assistant for a chemical engineering professor. I work on testing, making, and optimizing solid catalysts used in the production of polyethylene. I am currently applying and seeking internships for the summer of 2016 for both academic and industrial positions.”

Yazan is a 2015 LE•O Scholar

Yazan Meqbil is a dean’s list student at Ivy Tech, Indianapolis (Indiana). He writes, “The fall 2015 semester was not a pleasant one regarding the many problems I’ve been through; I almost went back home to Palestine leaving my dreams and hopes behind. I couldn’t think of any way to get a scholarship or a way to get the funds that would get me through the first year of college here in the U.S. I remember when Deya’ and LE•O stepped in to help, offering to pay my tuition for the first year and helping me in finding and applying to different colleges and universities. LE•O even paid for my SAT and TOEFL tests expenses.

“LE•O has helped in the application process by connecting me to Palestinian Mentors Organization; they helped me in the application process and in writing my personal essay for the application. My mentor, Thayer, has helped me so much all the way till I sent in my applications to the different colleges.

“After a long semester full of bad and good times, I had the honor of joining the Kooistra family in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, over Christmas. I met the mother, who became my American grandmother fifteen years ago when she visited our house in Palestine as part of an American delegation who visited us to show solidarity with us as we received the first demolition order for building our house in area C next to an Israeli settlement. I felt so welcomed and I had an amazing Christmas. I attended the church the Sunday before Christmas and for the Christmas Eve. I visited Lancaster County, where I ate Amish food and saw how they live, also Hershey Town and had a lot of chocolate.

“I’m going back with more energy and more excitement to begin the spring semester, I’m taking four classes, calculus, philosophy, world politics and chemistry. Next semester will be full of events and great work, but I will be focusing on my studies only and will be doing one event with American Friends Service Committee and the Quakers. I might also work with the American Friends Service Committee during the summer time on an internship.”