Salam Initiative


The Salam initiative was established by LE.O board advisor Ms. Sally Shami, with the mission to employ Palestinian women working in the embroidery sector and specifically women living in marginalized villages and areas.

The vision and mission is to not only to showcase the traditional work of the women, available in the Jamilah portion of the shop, but also to engage the younger generation through current fashion. This has been achieved by producing current fashion styles for women and men with the addition of embroidery, fabrics and adornments, traditionally worn by the People of Palestine.

We encourage you visit the Salam site and support this tremendous effort to ensure the sustainability of our cultural heritage.

LE.O is proud of the work that is being achieved by Salam, and looks forward to following its' growth and successes. All inquiries and sales are to be made directly through the site.

They ship all over the world.

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