Olive Branch


LE.O is happy to introduce you to the Olive Branch initiative established by a life long family friend.

We are providing you with a video about the initiative and a brief with contact information as they do not have a web-site.

Olive Branch Olive Oil ~ Southeast, is a non-profit social enterprise, and was started in 2007 in order to sell and distribute Palestinian olive oil in the United States to assist Palestinian olive farmers.  The project, supported by interfaith partners and loyal customers, distributes organic, extra virgin, and unrefined olive oil that is delicious, and accented by a slight peppery taste that is characteristic of high-quality artisanal olive oil, giving the oil its rich depth and special character.

The olive oil is a fair-trade item, ensuring that the West Bank olive farmers receive fair compensation for their work, thus helping them support their families and maintain their connection to the land.  Buying this oil is a constructive, peaceful, and tangible way to assist the Palestinian people.

The oil comes in a dark green, 500 ml, bottle offering optimal protection against light deterioration, and is sold by the half (6) and full (12) bottle case.

For further information:
Olive Branch Olive Oil ~ Southeast
1125 Cresthill Dr.
Louisville, TN 37777
[email protected]