The Ask

I am pleased to report we are over the hump of securing visa’s, managing travel logistics, and have completed the LE.O student orientations. Our Freshmen are on their way to their campuses. This is the time of year where we ensure that their transition into their new schools runs smoothly.

Today, I am making an important and timely “Ask” on behalf of our student community. We have immediate needs to support our incoming Freshman students. This year we are excited to share with you that ten students will join our community. For the first time ever, we will be welcoming more young women, than young men, with a 7 to 3 ratio!

Here are the details:

  1. Two young women will study for their undergraduate degrees at university in Gaza, where they live.
  2. One Palestinian/Lebanese young woman will begin her Master of Science, in Canada.
  3. A young man from a camp in Northern Lebanon will study for his Master of Science, in France.
  4. The remaining six students will be arriving in the US very shortly and studying through their undergraduate scholarships, around the country.

We have already paid for Visa and travel needs and now need your help to cover the costs for:

  1. Computers.
  2. Warm clothing.
  3. Bedroom and study set-up needs (as most schools do not provide these items)
  4. Books for classes.
  5. Back Packs.
  6. Electronics.
  7. Incidentals.

 We are now:

  1. 90 students strong.
  2. Spread around 11 countries.
  3. Studying in various fields that we are passionate about pursuing.
  4. We are in High Schools, Undergraduate and Graduate studies.
  5. Just starting in the work-force, as doctors, engineers, lawyers, scientists, Finance, IT, and educators.
  6. Working hard together to offer this life changing experience to the next generations.
  7. Some are back home working.
  8. And all of us want to return home to be with our families and work for our society.

Ways to help from all over the world, in support of our needs:

  1. Buy Amazon Gift Cards and send them to our P.O Box, to be distributed amongst the students.
  2. Join “Amazon Smile” select the Leonard Education Organization as your charity of choice. A portion of your spending will then be forwarded on to our program.
  3. Send Gift Cards from stores that carry heavy duty winter coats and boots.
  4. Send your gift in the form of a check to our mailing address.
  5. Donate on our site
  6. Make a bank transfer by requesting our banking information.

We have made it easy for you! Any and every gift is valued and appreciated and needed now, to ensure a smooth transition for our student community. Thank You for your continued support.

By now you know I am often inspired to use quotes from other people, wishing I could come up with such thoughtful sayings myself, until that time comes, I will share other peoples!

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”  – Coretta Scot King.