One Year Anniversary of LEO

In the middle of August we celebrated the one year anniversary of the Leonard Education Organization!

Established by a dedicated and experienced American Palestinian woman, in honor of her father’s lifelong work in the field of education, LE•O’s mission is to support the education of Palestinian youth in order to provide a sustainable future for this younger generation.

We set out a year ago to establish partnerships with American colleges and universities. LE•O negotiates, secures, and manages scholarships for qualified Palestinian youth living in Lebanon, Jordan, the West Bank, and Gaza. Along with strategic partners from the region who help to identify and develop bright and motivated youth, we work together closely to prepare the students for study at the undergraduate level in the U.S.

A year ago we set out to—and did—establish and accomplish the following:
•      Secured scholarships with the value of over $800,000 for our students.
•      Placed 4 students for undergraduate study in the following institutions: the University of Rochester, Lehigh University, and Goshen College.
•      Partnered with Palestinian Mentors, Unite Lebanon Youth Project, THAKI, and Al Nayzak.
•      Received press coverage including The Washington Report and Challenge to Change.
•      Supported ten Palestinian students through our service recipient division.

“The youth we work with would not otherwise have had this opportunity. Thank You!”

– Deya’ Dresner

We depend on the generous donations from individuals like yourselves. Help us with our efforts and desire to improve the future prospects for these bright, deserving, and motivated youth.

The LE•O program is strong because of teamwork, we invite you to celebrate our one year anniversary with us by donating to our program and joining our team!