Mohammad Noubani

University of Rochester—Mohammad earned a 3.92 GPA in the spring semester.

Mohammad Noubani  writes:

My semester was thankfully great but very cold. During the semester, I shadowed a neurosurgeon as you know and I was busy with studying gym and reading. As for this summer, I will be working in a library and will be participating in a community service project. I will also work with Professor Ian Dickerson in the Neurobiology and Anatomy Department in the medical center starting the month of July. On another note, I was awarded funding from the University of Rochester for my proposal of using ester chemistry and enzyme complexes to synthesize a fluorescent CGRP antibody that is not present in stocks.

Wael Haidar

Lehigh University—Wael earned a 3.17 GPA for the spring semester.

Wael Haidar  writes:

I finished my sophomore year at Lehigh University. During my sophomore year, I was the treasurer of Professional Honors Coed Fraternity for Chemistry—Alpha Chi Sigma. I also worked with Dr. Israel Wachs on his catalysis research, where I worked on multiple spectroscopy instruments to test different silica and alumina promoted catalysts. I felt that I didn’t do the best I can this semester, and due to the opportunity I have this fall, this summer I am going to repeat two of my previous courses, which are organic chemistry one and two, in hopes for a better grade that will help increase my GPA. On the professional side of my career, I was accepted in a coop program and will be working for Infineum (a leading fuels and lubricants solutions company) in New Jersey, from August 2016 until December 2016. So because of this opportunity, I will be taking summer courses that are usually taken in the fall.

Ivy Technical College—Yazan earned a 3.25 GPA for the spring semester.

Yazan Meqbil writes:

My journey has been tough before coming to the U.S. I was certain that I will be challenged and I will face a lot of problems, however, I was determined that I will do whatever it takes to achieve my dreams. The spring of 2016 had a lot to do with giving me the chance to come closer to my dreams. I took four classes this semester, two courses in sciences and two courses in the social studies trying to achieve a balance between the two fields I love.

I decided to take chemistry this semester to keep up with all the formulas, equations, and the different principles of chemistry as it’s been two years since I graduated from high school. I got an A in that class, and I got so excited to major in biochemistry, as I now know how passionate I am toward chemistry. I got 148/150 in the final.

Math 201, introduction to calculus, in which I was challenged to use calculus in a business focused class, and I had to flip my brain from Arabic to English when it came to all the principles, rules, and even solving the problems. It took me several weeks to actually be okay with that class. I got 96/100 in the final, B in the class, and I was 30 points short from an A!

Philosophy 101, that became my beloved hobby. It was my first time to actually learn about philosophy and take an actual class in that area; it was so interesting as I was introduced to new ideas and thoughts that helped me to expand my horizon and enrich my knowledge. I got 50/50 in both of my final essays, 92/100 in the final, and a B in the class.

Politics 101, my natural talent. I would say that this was the easiest class ever, as I didn’t have to worry about the assignments, papers, or exams, I already knew so much! We had a general view on the international relations and the different aspects that affects the world nowadays. In this class, I had to choose a topic for the final project and make a video, or write a paper. I chose the Arab Spring and I wrote a 15-page paper about the Arab Spring and I got 100/100. I got 92/100 in the final exam and a B in the class.

This summer I will be volunteering at the American Friends Service Committee office in Chicago.

Yazan is scheduled to transfer into a Liberal Arts college beginning in the fall semester.