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So what of our students in the LE.O Community, how have the many changing models of education impacted them? Firstly, we would like to commend the institutions that are educating our community whether in the US, Canada and Europe or in countries in the Middle East, for the tremendous work they have been doing to support our students. We are very grateful for their continued generosity through scholarships and interest in our students well being.
Students stocking up as the school dinning rooms close.
Students stocking up as the school dinning rooms close.
Some students traveled home either due to the completion of their education, stuck between countries after a Gap Year program or visiting families in Gaza for those who we support in Egypt.
Online classes for our engineer at Cairo University.
Our first medical doctor (from Gaza) working in a hospital in Cairo.

Our schools in the US have announced that they will be offering hybrid solutions for education this coming Fall, offering both on-campus and on-line options and the ability to live on campus, The new school year will start early and end early this semester. The schools “ back Home” have yet to inform us of their plans.

Our 14 year old High School student from The West Bank studying in Germany, has been well cared for by her LE.O guardian Mrs.D.Taweel . Rama was unable to travel home for the summer break due to the complexities of quarantine and our reluctance to leave her unaccompanied, so the Taweel family placed her in a Summer Camp program in Germany and currently Rama will be spending the remainder of the holiday with Mrs.Taweel , at the family home in Germany

Our High School student Rama in Germany seen here at her school.
Rama at Summer Adventure Camp in Germany.
Rama with her LE.O guardian and sponsor Mrs. Dagmar Tawee.

Continuing to grow through new partnerships:

LE.O is excited to announce a new partnership with the AlHambra U.S Chamber. Last week we signed a joint Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the purpose of expanding our support network.

For many years now we have had a very good relationship with the Chamber who have been generous in offering us internships. Soon we shall announce some very exciting opportunities for our students, gifted to us by the AlHambra U.S Chamber. We are humbled by their commitment to our community of students.


"The Alhambra US Chamber is committed to building a better future by supporting educational opportunities globally. In addition 

to maintaining connections with hundreds of universities around the world, the Chamber creates programming and events to serve the needs of students everywhere. We recognize the critical work done by Leonard Education in underserved areas of global education and are excited to partner with them.”

Last week we received the honor of being recognized by the Greatnonprofit platform- listing us as one of 2020’s top NGO’s of note. This medium will also offer us access to many more potential donors who can learn about our program and engage to support us, Inshallah.

A sample endorsement written by LE.O scholar Omar:

“A really interesting aspect of my status as a L.E.O scholar is my opportunity to remain connected with my home countries, Palestine and Jordan, and the struggles faced by people there -which I was subject to myself. I always have the opportunity to discuss and reflect on these struggles, and to think of the roles I may assume in addressing these issues in the future with the qualifications and experiences I’ll gain here. This is facilitated by the many activities we’re encouraged to participate in and by the discussions we can have -which often possess an intimate nature- with our director Deya’ and the many other members of L.E.O, who together build a Palestinian identity representative of the several Palestinian backgrounds existing today.”

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In Closing

We all continue to worry about our loved ones living in Lebanon who are experiencing tremendous challenges and hardships. The LE.O Community have decided that we simply must play our part. We wish to help fill the funding gap for two under-resourced Palestinian youth that I met on my recent visit to the country. One lives in Burj Al Barajni refugee camp and studies Nursing, the other in the Bakaa and studying Business and Finance.

Please join us by contributing whatever you can so that we may continue to dedicate ourselves to education and the future of Palestine’s younger generation.

If you wish to receive more in-depth details about our scholars we are happy to provide then on an individual basis. The privacy and wellbeing of our community is of utmost importance to us.

Always optimistic that brighter days lie ahead,


Executive Director | Leonard Education Organization


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