Investing in the Leaders of Palestine’s Future

LE•O’s core mission is to invest in the education of outstanding and successful leaders. For many Palestinians, international scholarships have been the key to success. Though rare and increasingly difficult to secure, academic scholarships have allowed underprivileged Palestinian students to thrive and become distinguished leaders in their fields and their society.


Scholarships to American colleges and universities are just one component for success. As job markets globally become more competitive in business, academia, governance, non-profits, science, and technology, LE•O strives to maximize the potential of our scholars so that they are at the forefront of building Palestine’s prosperous future. We do this by offering essential services and unparalleled guidance each step of the way.


Through our Palestinian Mentors program, LE•O pairs promising high school students with a selective network of mentors who are intimately familiar with college admissions, processes, and are attuned to the particular challenges Palestinian students face. This one-on-one guidance assures LE•O candidates a higher chance of securing a scholarship at a top private American academic institution. Once accepted, LE•O provides travel assistance, support with visa applications, and comprehensive orientation programs, in-country and in the US, for each incoming scholar.


When LE•O scholars begin their journey in the US, LE•O’s mentors and academic advisors maintain long-term ties with the scholars: monitoring their progress, compliance with immigration requirements, and offering guidance and soft skills development. We tailor our services to each of our students to ensure nothing impedes their progress.


While many Palestinian students face the bitter choice of turning down competitive internships because they cannot afford summer housing, LE•O scholars are placed with host families through our wide-ranging network of partners and supporters.


So what is the value of LE•O’s unique services?

LE•O’s comprehensive student services are unmatched. Our investment model seeks to maximize the outcome for every one of our scholars. In doing so, we bring a diverse community of experts in higher education, college admissions, mental health, and business leadership to make each opportunity count, and demonstrate that each LE•O scholar becomes a success story, a return on your investment.


Positive Effect for Palestinian Students in America

LE•O brings scholars to the US and we also support other Palestinian students who are already here. Despite our limited resources, our Service-Recipients program encompasses many other Palestinian students enrolled in colleges and universities across the US. These service recipients are selected based on merit and need. Today, we have thirty-nine students participating in LE•O programs; each broadens the opportunities for the others.


Through our staff and partners, we make sure our program is culturally sensitive and aware of our students’ needs and challenges. Our orientation ensures a smooth transition into the US, helps students build strong bonds with one another, and with alumni so that they will thrive as a community. The team ethos LE•O instills in all of our students, ensures that they are each other’s biggest supporters. We believe that these future leaders of Palestine will gain much from sharing such strong bonds.


Our ability to work with an umbrella of partners in the Middle East keeps us aware of the needs of the students’ respective communities and focused on building future leaders who can carry them forward.


Consider the fact that colleges and donors invest heavily in the futures of these young people, failure is not an option. With the care and detailed guidance, the LE•O program and our partners offer these young people the same care we would offer our own children. We seek to not only have them achieve but also ensure that they flourish.


Today I invite you to join me by supporting the LE•O program; together we can empower our younger generation.


Deya’ Leonard Dresner

Executive Director

Leonard Education Organization