Brokenhearted yet persistent

Brokenhearted, exhausted, overwhelmed can barely describe our current feelings at LE.O. We know we are not alone. And we are not giving up. 

We are caring for our Gazan student community:

    • With great appreciation for our dedicated donor, we initiated a fundraising campaign to support the needs of our 7 Gazan students studying in Egypt. This enabled us to provide room and board until end of their school year. We are still shy $4,000. 
    • Through the support of a long-time LE.O donor and community member in Jordan, we have welcomed a new LE.O member a brilliant 17-year-old. She arrived to study in Jordan 10 days before the war began. She is now receiving the financial, academic and mental health support she requires to successfully meet her goals.
    • We established a Call to Action, initiated by one of our own LE.O’s about to graduate Medical School in Egypt. She has inspired us to ensure that her entire class of 38 Gazans will be supported in their efforts to complete their medical internships, an eligibility requirement for all doctors who study in Egypt, where they will now remain for the required internship.

    Our Gazan LE.O Community as they gathered on our 8th anniversary in August.

    Yes, we expect many, many more needs to be brought to our attention, a terrible byproduct of all the catastrophes befalling our People.

    This war has personally impacted all of our student and extended community. Those from The West Bank are worried about their families and cannot return home. Those from Lebanon fear for what may come next. We hold all of the aspiring hopes and dreams of our young people in our hearts as they try to continue their studies on campuses around the world. Your support is what they need most right now.

    The unfolding humanitarian crisis is devastating and presses on our hearts and minds. LE.O has been thrown into a crisis also. How can we possibly make the ASK for your End of Year support, at this time? Yet we must. Our charter and Mission exist to serve Palestine’s youth through the gift of education and is a long-term investment in the future of our younger generation.

    “As we endure this collective suffering, attending to the minds and bodies of the upcoming
    generation is all the more crucial. LE.O is not only an organization that supports the education
    of young Palestinians; it is also a family that comes together in times of grief and suffering to
    offer financial and emotional support for one another. LE.O has expended immense energies on
    carving out education pathways for brilliant minds, and it is those pathways that are important
    for the future. All the support is needed to ensure that those pathways are not disrupted but
    nurtured and nourished.”
    Hashem AbuShama, Lecturer of Human Geography at Oxford University, Rhodes Scholar and former LE.O student.

    Thank You for making the difference in their futures.