An endorsement from a LE.O mentor

Muna has been a valued part of the LE.O Community since our inception. She is our lead mentor and advisor for the West Bank, and helped organize and run a week long college advising seminar on behalf of LE.O for a local initiative , six years ago. And recently met with a LE.O board member, parents and current students in Ramallah.

She is currently the Deputy Principal and Head of the Science department and Cambridge Curriculum coordinator, at a private school in Palestine.

About 10 years ago, I graduated from Bryn Mawr College, after 4 unforgettable years. Those years were filled with so much challenge, growth and building lifelong relationships. The strength I have today, the knowledge, and the experience I carry with me every day were made possible because I was granted the opportunity of a lifetime, to study and graduate from such an elite educational institution. That opportunity made me able to become the person I am today.

A few weeks back, I met with LE.O students and saw myself in their eyes, back 10 years ago. The excitement towards the experience, the knowledge they’re thriving to gain. I saw their proud parents and saw their excited faces. As I heard about their different experiences from studying in their universities, and how eager they are to return home, to be able to go on into the world, I couldn't help but feel even more grateful for such an organization like LE.O.

As an educator myself, I now have students as colleagues and am currently guiding students through their university application process. The fact that we have an organisation like LE.O gives me hope that these bright students will have a chance to learn at such good universities. The importance of LE.O lies beyond an individual’s experience, it extends to enabling and empowering generations with the knowledge, science and education that are vital to enhancing the Palestinian communities. I see the excellent potential my students have to become their communities’ leaders. I realize that those potentials are more likely to be met when cultivated in the correct academic environments which LE.O is able to make possible.

The experience goes beyond the lectures and class work done on campus, it’s the community the students are able to belong to. LE.O is a home away from home that provides the support and guidance the students need on their challenging journey.

Words can never express the gratitude I have towards this generous organization. I aim to give back by continuing my mentoring and education to these future leaders.

Muna Aghaalnemer