New Partnerships for a Brighter Future


We recognize that the future of Palestine is in its villages, cities, and refugee camps. LE•O strategically cultivates experienced grassroots partners that identify and help prepare promising students, especially students from underserved communities that represent all genders, religions, and cultural backgrounds. Over the past three months, we have been extremely active developing new and expanded partnerships and preparing prospective scholars for their applications to our affiliated colleges and universities.

We welcome:

Challenge to Change

Deya’ is now a monthly contributor to their web-based digital magazine on subjects related to young women’s issues in the Arab world.

Challenge to Change is a Swiss Non-Profit Organization founded in 2014 to raise awareness on mental health among women in the Middle East through the sharing of digital content and through running online and on-the-ground, interactive programs.

Challenge to Change empowers women so that they may overcome the stigma relating to mental health, abuse, trauma, and other life challenges, enabling them to turn these challenges into sources of strength, courage, and inspiration. We aim to create lasting and continuous support for Middle Eastern women through coaching, workshops, and safe interactive sessions.

Challenge To Change is the Middle East Women’s first Mental Wellness Network. Women in the Middle East can contribute more effectively to society once empowered to cope with mental health and life challenges.

To find out more about Challenge to Change, please visit

Cogito Scholarship Foundation – London, England

LE•O, along with Palestinian Mentors, is currently preparing one of their Palestinian students at Eton College (an elite prep school) for application to several of our top tier private U.S. universities. Our prospective scholar was referred to Eton by ULYP, our Lebanese-based partner. This partnership illustrates the value of our extended relationships. Each organization specializes in funding and mentoring programs at different stages of the education of Palestinian youth. LE•O’s focus is to continue their education by matching the scholar to the right private college for their undergraduate education.


The American International School (AIS) of Gaza

Supported by the Office of International Programs (OIP)

We are very pleased to have the AIS and OIP partnerships, which enables LE•O to support bright young scholars living in Gaza. The academic and cultural education that AIS provides their students as well as other Gazan youth identified and prepared by OIP helps to nurture life-long learners and global thinkers.

Building a Better Future Together

Top-tier institutions like Harvard University accept 6% of all applicants. The competition is even higher for international students seeking financial aid, as the entire world is vying for these few coveted slots. LE•O is the model in educational entrepreneurship. While many students seek to join LE•O, we are extremely selective to ensure our scholar’s long-term success. By cultivating a strong network of financial supporters and educators advocating on behalf of our students, we are able to continually expand our partnerships with top-tier private colleges and universities that recognize the caliber and potential of our students. This aids our ability to fully fund our LE•O scholars in a very competitive world.

However, the needs of our students do not end with tuition. Through the generous support of donors like you, we cover the remaining incidental costs that provide the students with books, transportation to the U.S. and back, health insurance, and other expenses related to their education and well-being. Every donation brings one more LE•O student closer to graduation, and every new donor allows LE•O to place and empower another deserving Palestinian scholar.