It’s in the details

At LE.O we have been accustomed to managing innumerable challenges to ensure that our younger generation have a chance at a brighter future.

Thirty of our LE.O student community are from Gaza: 

  • 2 are doctors currently working in the hospitals 
  • 1 radiologist 
  • 1 dentist
  • 1 IT specialist 
  • 6 are students in Gaza 
  • 5 are studying in Egypt 
  • 2 are unemployed in Gaza 
  • 12 are either studying or working outside of Gaza 
  • Overall about half females and half males

However, all of our community is severe impacted:

  • The students living in Gaza are sending messages to us describing their terror and suffering.
  • Those outside Gaza are paralyzed with fear for their families and glued to the news and phones in hopes that they will hear the voices of their loved ones.
  • Many of them have lost their homes.
  • Everyone has known someone to have died, in some cases  whole families of fellow classmates.
  • The students from other parts of the region are feeling helpless and are also traumatized.
  • LE.O’s in other parts of the world, including the US, don’t wish to go to class or work to face the insensitive, but often well-meaning, comments of their peers and colleagues.

We are striving to provide support and comfort where we can:

  • Right now, our therapists knowledgeable in Ongoing Traumatic Stress Disorder (OTSD ) are available for students outside of Gaza.
  • And the student community are finding some comfort with each other’s support. 

In our grief, there is little we can do for those inside Gaza except to hear their cries.

The bedroom of our dentist Ibrahim
 Ahmed our radiologist 

However, there is a way we can provide immediate support students from Gaza studying in Egypt.

While LE.O has provided scholarship support to our students in Egypt, families in Gaza have provided support for food and housing. This support from families is no longer available and these LE.O students are now unable to pay for housing and food.

LE.O is a family and it is our heart-felt hope that you will help us provide for this critical need.  As we all know, these are dire times, and this is a very small way in which we can do our part.

From our broken hearts, we thank you.